Poonam Sharma, recently moved as a Permanent Resident to BC, Canada¬† from India. She has successfully completed her Bachelor’s of Technology in Computer Science in 2012 and then Masters her technical skills in Information Technology (IT) in 2014 from India. After that she started her career in IT industry and worked as a VoIP Network Engineer for 2 years where she used to troubleshoot and configure voice issue using Cisco Call Managers in VoIP Technology. Moving forward, she prepared and successfully completed some Cisco Certifications like CCNA Voice, CCNA Routing & Switching.

She is really passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge with others in Computer Science and IT Technology. So after moving Canada she decided to enroll for Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) course with Vancouver Community College to sharpen her teaching skills in Adult Education in BC and to meet her long-term goal.

Few of her good personality traits are: open-mindedness, calm, flexibility towards work, culture, environment. She really enjoy meeting people from different cultures and celebrating their festivals and events together. Also she likes going out to see nature and it’s beauty, enjoys snowfall and rain. Other than that she likes spending some time with her husband and 2 years old daughter.


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